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During our session I work with a wide range of tools and modalities, including Kinesiology, Spectrum Healing, Nutritional Therapy, Astrology, Homeopathy and many other vibrational tools.  I work intuitively and involve you at every turn.  Together we access your subconscious mind which will reveal the layers of conditioning, self-sabotage or trauma that want to be cleared in order to allow your body's inate ability to heal naturally.  Given the right resources, your body knows what to do.  Muscle testing is a way of asking it what it needs.

              ONLINE CONSULTATIONS AVAILABLE by Skype/Whatsapp/Messenger/Face-time

              IN PERSON CONSULTATIONS AVAILABLE from my home clinic in South Oxon




FIRST APPOINTMENT & INITIAL ASSESSMENT - includes full case history and consultation to establish the best way to work.

Once you have booked your first appointment I will send you a client information form to complete and return before we meet.  Please allow 2 hours for our first appointment.

The cost:  £75 (2 hr)    


Some people come to me seeking support during an acute or immediate situation that they need help with.  In which case I can usually muscle test to find out roughly how many sessions will be required to resolve the issue or help move them along their path - usually 2-3 sessions is enough. 

Others, however, are looking for longer-term support with their personal development or physical, emotional or spiritual clearing.  This kind of energy work is perfectly suited to these individuals.  I always muscle test how long to leave between sessions, which allows clients to work at their own pace and progress in alignment with their highest interest.   On average this can be anything from a 3 to 6 week interval.

The cost:  £60 (90 minute)



There are times when a person cannot do the healing treatment for themselves.  This could be for a number of reasons, such as treating a baby or child, or helping a loved one who is in hospital or severly sick.  When we work with energy we are working with intention - in other words energy goes where the mind directs it.  It is therefore possible to do healing work for an individual by using a surrogate, ie a person who takes the physical treatment on behalf of the client.   When a client wants me to do a treatement absently (without them being physically or remotely present),  I  just need a photo of them, or their birth details to work with.  This is all possible because by working energetically, we are working outside the parameters of space and time.  Assuming permission is granted, I can send them energy clearing directly by tuning into their Energy System/ Highter Self.

The cost:  £70 (90 minutes + e-mailed summary of session notes)



HOMEOPATHY STUDENT CLINIC - includes full case history, consultation and low-cost supervised treatment plan & prescription

Please contact me if you wish to discuss how you could benefit from Homeopathic treatment by taking part in the CPH Training Programme.  CPH is the College of Practical Homeopathy based in London founded and led by renowned Homeopath Ellen Kramer.  By agreeing to become one of my student cases while I complete the course, for a nominal fee I will work up a course of treatment under the supervision of an experienced CPH Tutor/Practitioners.  A comprehensive client questionnaire must be completed before-hand and to get the most out of the experience clients are encouraged to agree to a minimum of 4 consultations (once monthly). This is a fantastic opportunity to get top-notch Homeopathic treatment at a low cost.

The cost:  £20 (1-1.5 hrs) until fully certified  



Please complete and return to info@amyroykinesiology.co.uk


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