About my Practice

"Permit me to tell you about the kind of medicine I practice" she said.  "Medicine is changing, and changing rapidly.  We don't think of the body as a machine anymore with parts that eventually wear out and have to be fixed or replaced.  We're beginning to understand that the health of the body is determined to a great degree by our mental processes: what we think of life and especially of ourselves, at both the conscious and the unconscious levels" ... "the inner attitude of the patient is crucial"                                      

THE TENTH INSIGHT by James Redfield


When we make the decision to take responsibility for our own healing journey, we commit to revealing to ourselves, and others, the natural flow of our true authentic self.  If you are reading these words it is likely that you are considering making just such a commitment to your Self.  You may find yourself at a crossroads, faced with a choice. Either you continue down a well-trodden path, where external factors, people and circumstances seemingly determine your experience of life, in which case nothing will change for you. Or, you may be realising that you have had enough of this particular path, this dead end, where you re-live the same recurring situations and circumstances incessantly.  In which case you could be contemplating some major changes in your life, changes that may disrupt the status quo somewhat or that are potentially shocking to your nearest and dearest.  You may sense deep down, however, that these changes also hold the potential of a life of fufillment and liberation, an existence where you feel fully  responsible for your life experience and where you take ownership of your true feelings.  I would consider this path to be the scenic route!  It is one that involves a process of gently unveiling your true authentic Self to your self.  You may of course have travelled far down this road already, but have come to a thorny patch or some particularly bumpy terrain.  Some heavy challenges needing deep or uncomfortable shadow work, or core ancestral conditioning may require you to reach out for some help and support to get you through this difficult period.  Either way, you have come to the right place.  Ill health, fatigue, poor decision making, difficult relationships, lack of creative or financial flow or a loss of direction/purpose are all indications that we are stumbling over the boulders on our path that are preventing us from reaching our full potential of joy and wellness.  I'm here to tell you that with the right support, all of these boulders can be removed, allowing you, in time, to connect back with your spiritual and energetic stream of wellness and consciousness.  We may just need some balanced guidance, a bit of magic, or some healing and loving touch to help us overcome these obstacles. 

Our greatest challenge along this path is often understanding how we can tune back into the full spectrum of our our own light, or consciousness.  I believe that we all have access to a unique flow of energy that belongs entirely to us.  Infact, that is what we are -  a stream of consciousness.  This light connects us to the Source of all (however we may choose to identify with that concept) and through our body we are asked to connect this light with that of Mother Earth, Gaia.   My experience is that this flow is always present, despite what we have been taught to believe, and that the only obstacles preventing us from seeing or acknowledging it are our own limiting patterns, beliefs and our fears that we are somehow wrong, unworthy or incapable of being one with it.  Connection to this light is not something that we earn, or win, or achieve... it is there for us to tap into, at every moment.  

"Your natural state is one of wellness" - Abraham Hicks


After years of exploring my own denial, fear and stubborn, limiting patterns, I have come to understand that these factors have been preventing my full acceptance of the fact  that I am (as is everyone) a unique spark of the one Source.  I am the custodian of this spark, and as such I create my own reality.  Consequently, I alone am responsible for my own experiences.  That's quite a big leap of consciousness for anyone who is starting out on this journey, infact, I would go as far to say it is a quantum leap.  I would be the first to acknowlege that certainly I still have plenty to learn.  However, having made this leap of faith, I feel able to encourage and support others who choose a similar path by offering them a healing space while they work through their own unique difficulties, with a human perspective and an empathetic heart.


Simply put, I work by identifying what blocks, beliefs and subconscious or hidden factors need to be addressed and healed in order to clear them from your path, so you can access your own power and light.  I do this by connecting with your energy system, either in person, remotely or distantly, and I muscle test to create a truly bespoke treatment for you that will help to sweep your individual path ahead.  These corrections are chosen from various modalities that include Spectrum Healing, Health Kinesiology (Natural Bioenergetics), Systematic Kinesiology, Nutrutional therapy, Access Bars, astrology and intuition.  I am led by your body all the way, and I hold a space for you to see for yourself what patterns are keeping you out of your natural balance and flow.  Together, we shine a light on your circumstances in order to bring about healing.


Below are some of the typical factors that can block our flow, but that with the use of vibrational tools, healing touch or intent can be swifly removed from your energy system and your light body to restore balance:

  • physical conditions (immune, endocrine, digestive, musculo-skeletal, nervous system or nutritional imbalance)

  • trapped emotions, stuck emotional wounds and trauma

  • habits, addictions and loss of personal power

  • detrimental psychological patterns

  • energetic interferences

  • spiritual or time line factors

  • ancestral and inherited patterning

  • hyper sensitivity or poor energy integrity or difficulty maintaining boundaries


Given the optimum conditions, the body knows exactly how to support us and keep us well. The self-preserving and healing programming is an inate part of our biology.  Our task is to identify what is preventing these natural processes from happening.  

For those of us for whom these words resonate and stir an inner awakening, or who feel compelled to explore their inner landscapes further, there has never been a more conducive time for starting out on along this path.  There are more Healers, Energy workers, Light workers, Way Show-ers and Intuitives now than ever before, it would seem.  And so I encourage anyone who feels drawn to discovering their own Light, who would wish to take control of their own destiny or who are driven to discover and fulfil their true purpose, to reach out to the many souls that are dotted around the four corners of the earth, that have been brought in to help this evolution of humanity here on earth.


What are the tools and techniques that I use?

All Kinesiologists use different techniques and methods depending on their own interests and training.  However we all look for the clues that will lead us to the underlying cause of imbalance in the body. Using Kinesiology protocols as a foundation and always in body priority, I work intuitively, and am guided by what your body tells me through muscle testing and also in partnership with the intuitive feedback from you.  Using a very extensive list of Bioenergy corrections, holding acupoints, implementing various vibrational/energy tools and conscious intent work, we help the physical, energy and light bodies let go of any knots or blockages, bringing the body back into harmony and balance.  This in turn increases our vibration, raises our frequency, and reestablishes an integrated energy system and more vigorous and robust health.   Nutrition, herbs, vibrational essences, crystals, magnets, homeopathic remedies, energetic and radionics vials, essential oils, sound, colour and astrology are all part of my tool kit.  In bringing all of these elements together I provide a truly bespoke therapy for clients, that leaves them feeling stronger, healthier, more positive and with a clearer understanding of who they  are.