About my Practice

"Permit me to tell you about the kind of medicine I practice" she said.  "Medicine is changing, and changing rapidly.  We don't think of the body as a machine anymore with parts that eventually wear out and have to be fixed or replaced.  We're beginning to understand that the health of the body is determined to a great degree by our mental processes: what we think of life and especially of ourselves, at both the conscious and the unconscious levels" ... "the inner attitude of the patient is crucial"                                      

THE TENTH INSIGHT by James Redfield


"Your natural state is one of wellness" - Abraham Hicks


Simply put, I work by identifying what symptoms, blocks or conditions need to be cleared in order to allow your body to heal itself.  I work in partnership with my clients and tap into their energy system and their own inner knowing with the use of Kinesiology, naturopathic and intuitive techniques.  Given optimum conditions the body knows exactly how to support us and keep us well.  Our task is to identify what is preventing that from happening.  

​The concept of 'energy' is at the heart of everything I do and practice because working with the universal laws of energy - or 'nature' - seems to me to be the only logical way to work.  Not always easy, especially in our modern age, but by following our own intuition and referring back to nature we can be reminded to stay focused on our true paths. 


Renowned Healer and author Barbara Ann Brennan said "The body is a self-healing organism, so it's really about clearing things out of the way so the body can heal itself".  Each symptom that we experience is a CLUE to what is really going on in the body.  If we truly listen to our bodies, we will acknowledge that by the time we experience an injury or suffer backache or flu our body has been giving us increasingly obvious indications that we are out of balance on one level of our being for some time.  Instead of suppressing the symptom as we traditionally do by taking a pain killer, or antacid, or whatever the pill may be, if we listen to the message the body is trying to convey we can remove the pain or condition by treating the REAL stress trigger permanently. 


At the heart of the issue these stressors are often emotional or psycho-spiritual and more often than not relate to our thought processes, belief systems and how we are feeling.  Working through the layers of stress looking for STRUCTURAL, BIOCHEMICAL/NUTRITIONAL, EMOTIONAL, ELECTRICAL or ENERGETIC imbalances or distortions, we can assess what is priority to work on.  We can then work to remove these energy blocks one layer at a time and can often relieve the physical discomfort, physiological imbalance or emotional obstacle easily and effectively.   


As well as identifying psychological states and emotional triggers I use biochemical markers that may indicate that pathogens, toxins, disturbed biochemistry, nutritional deficiency or sensitivities are present and aggravating or causing your symptoms.  Using various energy tools, nutrition or remedies we can help your body increase its own innate healing capability to eliminate or balance out these factors and also keep your progress moving forward and support you while you make adjustments.

What are the tools and techniques that I use?

All Kinesiologists use different techniques and methods depending on their own interests and training.  However we all have in common the holding or tapping of specific Acupoints and Neuro Vascular points, holding or massaging Neurolymphatic points and tracing meridian energy flow.  We will all influence psychological habits and beliefs by evoking thoughts, affirmations, or sometimes phrases while we correct the body's energy flow responses to those stimuli. Most use vibrational tools but these will vary from practitioner to practitioner.  I like to use nutrition, herbs, flower essences, crystals, magnets, homeopathic remedies, energetic and radionics vials, essential oils, sound and colour. I may also use the Emotions Code, Emotional Freedom Tapping and NLP techniques, and most recent of all, Astrology - all of which can help to bring you back into balance and alignment.  I like to work intuitively and often bring visualisation, affirmations and oracle/healing cards in to my treatments to guide us.  In bringing all of these elements together I provide a truly bespoke therapy for clients.  

In addition to using these Kinesiology techniques I am also an Access Bars Practitioner.  Sometimes our stressful lives make it difficult to make space for actively doing what we think we should in order to get ourselves better.  At times like these we just need to stop DOING and allow ourselves to relax and just BE.  Access Consciousness Bars is one way we can do this.  We can snuggle up and relax while the practitioner holds points on our head which helps to smooth the energies of the brain and nervous system allowing us to delete any unwanted 'files' that we are unnecessarily keeping hold of.  The experience of having your 'Bars run' is likened to how you might feel after a deep meditation.



I will offer you a safe space and gentle encouragement to step back from your daily life and explore your own needs and address any pain, discomfort or psychological block you may be experiencing and together we can evaluate your priorities.  Using muscle testing to select appropriate corrections from my 'menu', we can investigate the most beneficial way forward for YOU.

Kinesiologists work on the principle that we are all individual and that we all have our own unique body healing sequence.  That's why I will always ask your body how to work in YOUR highest interest at all times.

I will ask you to fill out a client questionnaire before our first appointment which will give me a picture of your current health/life situation and what your are looking to address.  Once in the treatment room after a brief chat I will invite you to lie down on the treatment couch.  Clients remain fully clothed but I recommend wearing comfortable clothes that will allow movement.  Alternatively, we can work remotely by video call.  This is an increasingly popular way of working.  With no travelling to do, it is easier to fit in to a busy schedule and with geography being no object, this allows me to work with people from all around the globe. 


I will ask your body lots of questions verbally, or by performing various muscle tests, touch various acupoints or reflexes - sometimes massaging congested lymphatic points that might be tender to touch at first.  I will usually place various test vials, substances and energy tools on your body.  Working remotely I will test on myself instead. I might ask you to think a thought or phrase or even say it out loud.  All depends on where in your system there is a stress in the energy flow. 


At the end of your treatment you might feel relaxed and maybe a bit sleepy, often your body temperature will drop OR you could feel energised and motivated to make changes.  Either way you will usually feel the benefits within the first few sessions, if not immediately following your first appointment.  

Usually I will recommend a series of appointments - often I will test to see what the body wants.  Other times a one off appointment may be all you want or need. Then, you might like to opt for a maintenance appointment every now an then.  You're body will indicate what is most beneficial and appropriate for you.  Please click here to see what packages are on offer.​

If you want to simply relax and to create some space away from your busy life or challenging life situations, if you are experiencing anxiety or depression and find it hard to relax or be motivated then I would recommend a series of Access Bars treatments.  Having your Bars run can transform how you feel.  In a single session you can begin to allow change into your life just by changing how you view your life situation and therefore begin your healing process.

The experience of having your 'Bars run' is likened to how you might feel after a deep meditation.

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