celestial harmonics

Transformational Essences & Aura Sprays

The CELESTIAL HARMONICS range is a series of Essences and Aura Sprays that hold the energy of celestial events, moon cycles and other astrological activity that have taken place during the dramatic world events and global awakening of 2020-2021.  The Tas well as herb & flower energies all created o support the integration of these energies into our awakening consciousness a wide range of supportive, remedial energies and elements of nature have been added to the infusions.  The creation of these alchemical waters have been guided into existence through conscious intention, meditation and connection with my Guide Ndri, in order to help us adjust to the new frequencies and light codes coming into our time line on earth as we begin a new age of human experience.


These essences are designed to support our physical, emotional and mental bodies and 3D experience as we are taken on a transformational journey of individual evolution,  transmuting our existing psychological structures and spiritual patterning into new, higher frequency levels of consciousness, in line with the New Earth Energies.  We each process these astrological and cosmic shifts differently, according to our own individual make-up, or astrological birth charts, and so within the waters of these essences there are many soothing, corrective and supportive elements that have been infused alongside the energetic imprint of the astrological cycles and transits we are experiencing each month.  Each essence is not only a unique record, or imprint, of the cosmic energies, but also holds the medicine that will help us to integrate the teachings of the universe.  This medicine has been intuitivley channelled through my connection to the cosmos and includes a wide varity of frequencies from crystals, colour, sound, herbs, essential oils and other natural elements as well as light code, Angelic, Archangelic and Source frequencies.   Developed between September 2020 and September 2021, a pivotal time in the history of humanity, I have captured the energetic cycles of the moon through each sign of the zodiac and other cosmic events such as eclipses, Equinox and Solstice energies and the Grand Conjunction between Saturn and Jupiter of 2020.  


Available now are the Moon Cycles from September 2020 to date.


Full moon Completion essences - to help bring completion to certain cycles, helping to release and move into a new experience of life.  These essences  have been developed to help facilitate the inner healing work that is required as we each release and purge our subconscious conditioning, addictions and attachment to painful  control dramas.  Many of these story-loops are being revealed to us now as the full moon shines a spot light on our deepest subconscious programming and personal blind spots. They are recommended both as a tool for therapists and practitioners who are helping clients through deep healing and psychological transformation at the 4th dimensional level, and for individuals to select intuitively as required.   Often we will be drawn to a particular essence for its ability to act on specific astrological aspects or transits that are touching our natal astrological birth chart,  which can help to untie knots that may be preventing our elevation of consciousness.

New moon Aura Spray - to help us with new beginnings and set positive new intentions and assist in the re-setting of internal scripts, patterns and habits to bring about lasting change in our lives.  They are designed as a support for individuals who are undergoing a transformational process, often in between therapy sessions, or to be used intuitively as and when necessary to help lift and carry them as they experience challenges or newly awakened awareness along the way.  They will help you stay on track and cope with living a 3D life while simultaneously undertaking a personal journey of self-development, all the while encouraging an elevated consiousness.

Ongoing and current Eclipse energies  Aura Sprays and Essences to help us adjust to new earth energies as they come in for the following 6 months and beyond.

Kits available for therapists and practitioners

Sept 2020 - Sept 2021

Includes 12 New Moon aura spray samples, 12 Full Moon Essence samples

As of October 2021 I am offering bespoke healing essences and aura sprays that correspond to current Moon phases and astrological transits and how they interact with an individual personally.  I will muscle test what elements need to be included in each individual transformational essence that will assist the individual get through difficult periods, let go of patterns or become conscious of their circumstances and how they can move on.