Need a boot up the backside? The Universe is listening - are you?

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

I realise that lately I have been finding myself experiencing uncomfortable feelings of being too comfortable. My comfort blanket has not been giving me quite the same satisfaction it once did. In fact, quite the opposite - something is grating on my internal senses, and so I stop to ask myself what's going on.

As I hide behind my insatiable need for mental order - writing lists, creating documents, indexing, and ticking boxes (paperwork is very important, and must be done!) - I kid myself that I'm being useful and productive. When instead, if I'm honest, I'm just avoiding something else. The discomfort I am detecting tells me this something else is way bigger and much, much more important. It's more than procrastinating, I think, more illusive than that, after all, the paperwork is usually the thing I put off until later. Something in my consciousness knows these habits are a diversion from more purposeful work, Soul work, projects that I don't seem to be brave enough to tackle ... quite yet. These uncomfortable feelings are arousing my consciousness, I realise, awakening an awareness of a deep and deceptive desire to stay exactly where I am, all safe and cosy, rather than take on the raw exposure of doing something brave or new. These perceptions are not unfamiliar, I have been here before. The difference though, this time, is that my shyness is of tasks not yet identified, ideas not yet fully formed, they are unknown matter and ethereal in nature. There is currently no substance to them, yet still I cannot seem to ignore them.

As I sit here, I acknowledge that this state of familiarity provides me with a pseudo peace of mind that shields my resistance to committing my full attention to my Soul's voice. I'm not one for Ego-bashing - my Ego is an important part of me - however, right now my Soul wants me to do something. She speaks in loud whispers and she wants to take the lead, if only for a while. My comfort zone, where Ego resides and Mind reigns supreme, is preventing Soul from getting her fair share of the audience. They take all the glory! Ego and Mind, content to bury their heads in lists and paper satisfaction, are resisting the gentle call of my Soul, but it can no longer be denied that they can, in fact, hear her. They know that the time is approaching, it may even already be here. The wave builds, volume and momentum gather. If allowed, it will soon take shape and carry on its back the new to-do list, the fresh perspective and the alternative, expanded consciousness whose presence many of us are already sensing in our peripheral vision. All of this will crash down and immerse us in the virgin territory of this new message with its freshly defined laws and boundaries, different to those we have ever understood before. This is the eerie calm before the storm.

I think out loud 'Ahhh, the universe it trying to kick me up the backside', 'boot me out of my comfort zone'. 'It's a sign!'.

Once identified, this tender warning, just like all good epitomes, inevitably, presents me with the constant awareness of due testimony to our comfort zone behaviour, visible through the window of my daily encounters. I now see only a world filled with fledglings ready to fly the nest, just teetering on the edge, not yet fully conscious of this message the wind whispers in their ears. All of us displaying the symptoms of comfort zone discomfort, each in our own way. This is bigger than just me. This is for everyone, around the globe, we are in this together. We are being beckoned to rise to our inner calling, to let go our grip, cut loose those ties and to close one door only to open up another. We must be be bold, brave and committed to new affairs that we do not, cannot yet understand. We must listen to that intuition which asks us to step up and out and ride that wave. And only in doing so will we ever understand what we are being asked to do and what purpose this new way holds. In giving ourselves permission to take the leap, we grant the rest of the world this same opportunity. We all know that the old ways do not fit anymore. We have outgrown them, we know it, and we must now, with forthright vigour, confront our adulthood. We all will at once understand.

It seems terrifying on one level. However, it doesn't have to be. We can be gentle, we can sooth and cajole and encourage, there is no rush. Soul, from her wider vantage point and with her higher connections will comfort our frightened Ego selves and enlighten our curious Minds. And as all parts of our being commune, support and hold space for each other, the flesh of our Body will relax and comply, and she will carry us forward, grateful for the relief that the new form will provide. We can slowly dip our toe into the ripples of this newly expanded metaphysical ocean that has always been there to see, if only we would step away from the spreadsheets long enough to notice. But now, it's like we have no choice. Like many a seaside venture it will be 'lovely, once you get used to it!' and soon, we will all be playing and splashing like superheros in a glorious bath of sunlight and life.

Come, join with me and hold my hand. Our Souls united, let us dive in together.

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