DELIA, Richmond

I always come away from Amy's treatments feeling lighter, brighter and happier.  More comfortable and confident in my own skin.

I love the way each session flows and the discoveries we make in each session are both revealing and healing.

Marie-Claire, Ulverston

I had an online Kinesiology consultation with Amy last week and it was incredible.  I have been struggling with digestive issues for some time and not being able to get out for treatments during the lockdown meant that my condition was worsening.  I had never had an online treatment before and was a little skeptical as I was unsure how it would work... I was blown away by how much I felt during the treatment.

AH, Benson, Oxfordshire

I always look forward to my Kinesiology session with Amy.  Each one is different depending on the treatments my body indicates it needs.  It is fascinating how my body is able to communicate what needs to be addressed.


TW, Oxfordshire

I  just wanted to say thankyou so much.  My hot flushes are 80% reduced and much fewer, so I barely notice them and my shoulder pain has gone!  

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